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Decades of Expertise Ensuring Boiler Safety

Our team at ABI is dedicated to quality safety inspections. The combined knowledge of our team has an outstanding 80+ years of experience inspecting all safety features and aspects of boilers of all size and scope ranging from small miniature sterilizers to boilers over 60 million btu’s! Our team works with you for New Installation Inspections, Recurring State Certification Inspections, Fitness For Service Inspections (FFS), and ASME Regulation Inspections.


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NBBI Certified

All Boiler Safety Inspections are performed in accordance with the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

National Inspection Services:

Pressure Vessel (NB 6), Fitness for Service (NB 403) & More

National Board Certification also means we regularly assist businesses with required Inspections. From Nevada, Colorado, or California to Illinois, Alabama, and even Alaska, ABI is experienced in many Industries including:

New & Replacement Installations

Pressure Vessel (NB 6), Fitness for Service (NB 403) & More

If your State requires you to have a 3rd party Authorized Inspection Agency, we can fulfill your Jurisdictional Inspection requirements.

Arizona Boiler Certificate Renewal:

As Arizona’s largest local AIA, Arizona Boiler Inspectors are fully staffed and equipped to assist your business in achieving your Certificate of Operation Renewal from the State of Arizona in a timely manner. Our Inspectors work closely with the Chief Boiler Inspector for the State to stay up-to-date on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code so that when your safety inspection is complete, the State can authorize your business Operating Certificate. If any deficiencies are found, we continue to work with you through any process to correct those until they are fully resolved and no violations remain.

What's the Worst that could happen?

Not sure you want to take the time to get your boiler inspected? Here are a few reasons not to blow it off:

Mandatory Inspections

Inspections on commercial and industrial boilers are still required by the state, they are just not provided by the state anymore.

Catastrophic Failure

Boilers are basically large water filled pipe bombs. They are large steel tanks filled with two things that are best at destroying steel: water and extreme heat...

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Questions before scheduling your inspection?

Why do boilers need inspections?
How often should power boilers be inspected?
What kind of inspection do direct-fired steam-jacketed kettles need?

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