Equipment in facility
Is Your Boiler Exempt from these Inspections?
July 27, 2021
Equipment in facility
Is Your Boiler Exempt from these Inspections?
July 27, 2021

Arizona Boiler Inspectors is a trusted team of National Board Certified Inspectors with decades of experience in providing comprehensive and reliable boiler and sterilizer inspections as mandated by State Jurisdiction. We want to help make sure that companies are aware that while mechanical maintenance and repair inspections are important, they are separate from the mandatory and legal inspections required by State and Local Jurisdiction and performed by National Board Certified Inspectors (NB inspections). 

We are not providing the SAME service as your mechanical company.

National Board-Certified Inspections (NB Inspections) and annual mechanical inspections are two separate types of inspections for boilers and sterilizers. The National Board-Certified Inspection is a mandatory, legal boiler safety inspection conducted by certified inspectors to ensure that the controls and safety devices on the boiler are functioning properly. In contrast, an annual mechanical inspection is performed by a contractor to identify any necessary repairs or maintenance. While both inspections are important, National Board-Certified Inspections are required by law to maintain the safety of the equipment and facility, and must be performed by certified inspectors. It is crucial for companies to understand the difference between these inspections and ensure that they comply with all necessary requirements. 

NB inspections Certify that the boiler safety devices are functioning properly. 

In other words, safety is the primary reason for the NB Inspection.  Our team is dedicated to providing thorough and reliable Boiler Safety Inspections to ensure the safety and optimal performance of your equipment. 

How do I know if I need an NB inspection?

It is often a good practice to have the NB Certified Boiler Safety Inspection scheduled at the same time as your annual maintenance inspections.  Arizona requires NB Boiler Safety Inspections on certain boilers at certain intervals, such as 12, 24, 36 months, etc. If you are unsure when your inspection is due, give our team a call, and we’ll review your boiler to make sure you are in compliance.

National Board Certified inspections are required by law. 

At certain time intervals, NB Boiler Safety inspections are required by law in the State of Arizona for most boilers, and our team is certified to perform these inspections. We take pride in our certification, which requires rigorous testing and training, ensuring that our inspectors have the knowledge and skills to conduct inspections to the highest standards.

We believe that safety should never be compromised

We have seen firsthand the devastating consequences of neglecting proper inspections. We prioritize the safety of those in the building and understand the importance of keeping businesses running efficiently and safely. As professionals in the industry, we have red-tagged boilers when we have found safety violations that had not been resolved by a previous provider who had been inspecting the equipment for years. Safety is our number one priority, and we are passionate about ensuring that your equipment operates safely and efficiently, saving you time, money, and most importantly, lives.

Proper inspections should never be neglected, and safety should always be a top priority. Trust our team of experienced National Board Certified Inspectors to provide comprehensive, thorough, and reliable inspections to keep your equipment running efficiently and safely.  Do you know if you’re due? Call our team and we’ll review your boiler and make sure you are in compliance.

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