National Board Inspections

The National Board Inspection Code or NBIC is the only standard recognized worldwide for in-service repairs and alterations of boilers and pressure vessels in-service.

The National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) is a guide for chief inspectors providing standards for installation, inspection, and repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure relief devices. It provides information and guidance to manufacturers, inspectors, installers, contractors, and individuals and/or organizations involved in post-construction activities. First published in 1946, the NBIC is updated every other year by a consensus committee made up of industry experts to ensure the standards are up to par with evolving innovations. In August of 2017 in Arizona, the NBIC was updated and released to the public. The objective of the NBIC to provide rules regarding pressure equipment items. The NBIC is arranged into four parts as follows:

  • Part 1: Installation- Provides requirements and guidance to ensure pressure-retaining items are installed and function properly.
  • Part 2: Inspection- Provides information and guidelines to perform and document all types of pressure-retaining items inspections.
  • Part 3: Repairs and Alterations- Provides information and guidance to perform, verify, and document repairs to pressure-retaining items.
  • Part 4: Pressure Relief Devices- Provides information and guidance to perform, verify, and document installation, inspection, and repair of Pressure Relief Devices along with supplemental section containing specialized information.

Internal and External Inspections

  1. Internal Inspection: Inspecting a boiler or pressure vessel both inside and outside while it is shut down.
  2. External Inspection: Provides information of the condition of the external surface of a boiler and/or pressure vessel.
Inspector's hand holding inspection sheet.

National Board-Certified Inspection vs Annual Mechanical Inspection

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