Commercial Boiler & Water Heater Inspections

In your industry you will likely have either a boiler or large water heater, if not industrial grade boilers and piping systems. At ABI Boiler Inspectors, our job is to make sure that your water heaters and boilers are clean, strong and in good working order.

Water heaters are only expected to last between 5 and 8 years in the valley before the insides fill up with sediment from the clay in our ground water. This generally causes the steel of the tank to rust, crack and fail, causing residential flooding and damages, with commercial and industrial boilers, a catastrophic failure causes much more damage and can be fatal.

We can arrange for a number of High-Tech inspections that are capable of scanning your boiler or water heater tank from the outside or the inside and get accurate measurements of the tank's strength. These scans can see if there is any pitting or corrosion on the surface, as well as cavity formation inside the tank wall themselves. The inspection can also inspect on, into and through the steel walls of your water heater or boiler.

Because of this capability, these types of nondestructive tests can locate the sources of leaks, recommend repairs and even identify the exact locations of future leaks and corrosion. At ABI, we can help keep your company safe and running smoothly, because when tanks like these fail, water damage is the least of your worries.

Types of inspections:

  • Internal Inspection
  • External Inspection

MSHA Requirements:

Mining equipment that has pressure retaining equipment on board being used on a mine site must be inspected annually per 30 CFR Parts 56/57 subpart L.

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