Avoiding Boiler Disasters and Explosions is a Big Deal

At ABI Boiler Inspectors we prioritize safety and help you avoid disasters.

The explosion at a food processing plant serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with boilers and the need for proper inspection and maintenance. The explosion, which occurred on February 22, 2022, was caused by a rented boiler fueled by natural gas and resulted in devastating consequences for the food processing plant.

The investigation into the explosion of the food processing plant suggests that the leased boiler was old and rusted, installed in a hallway rather than an enclosed boiler room. Gas leaks had also occurred prior to the explosion, with factory workers having smelled the gas. The force of the first explosion was so powerful that it blew out windows and doors, while the second blast blew latched doors off their hinges, and blew employees out of the exterior doors.  It also started a large section of the factory on fire. Many people were injured and required medical attention from neurologists and inner ear specialists.

We care deeply about keeping employees safe as well as keeping your facility and all your assets safe.

At ABI, we understand the importance of (and we are passionate about) regular inspections and maintenance to prevent such disasters from happening. Our team of National Board Certified Inspectors is qualified to conduct thorough inspections, identify any potential hazards, and provide recommendations for repairs or upgrades to ensure your equipment operates safely and efficiently. We prioritize safety and take pride in our commitment to help our clients avoid disasters and stay safe.

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